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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Tapping

"So, this one fact has proved to myself that Tapping works and I have removed these long standing negative affirmations that led me to be a social smoker. I no longer need it's comfort. And I didn't have to do a thing about it."

The Tapping process taught is based on Emotional Freedom Technique, created by Gary Craig. Emotional Freedom Technique itself is based on Thought Field Therapy.

All successful therapeutic techniques activate the same basic mechanism in the human body that releases trapped negative emotion.

Here the main aims are to help people who are already well become the best person they can be. Your negative feelings and beliefs are the only things that hold you back from being, doing, and having anything you want in life. Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the best techniques for working through them.

Please watch the videos....to get an idea. Tapping.com supports the use of any and all effective Release Techniques for activating the releasing mechanism and helping people
become more than they are.

Sincere gratitude goes to Gary for his inspired invention and re-invention of Emotional Freedom Technique.


Tapping Video with Louise Hay

Tapping Video with Cheryl Richardson


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