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Welcome! I hope you will find inspiration and enjoy yourselves! I look forward to talking to you in person. Moving forward to build a healthy future, let’s remember the wise words of Socrates. When he was asked to give a definition of the educated man, he mentioned nothing about accumulating knowledge. He said that education is a matter of attitude and that he therefore considers educated the following:

  1. First of all those who control difficult situations rather than being controlled by them...
  2. Those who face each event with courage and reason...
  3. Those who are honest in each and every transaction...
  4. Those who face unpleasant events and hateful people meaning well...
  5. Those who control their pleasures...
  6. Those who are not defeated by their misfortunes and failures...
  7. Finally, those who are not worn by their success and glory...

Let’s also remember Aristotle who said that happiness is the meaning and the target in life, the essence of human existence.

No matter how far we’ve moved on towards Ithaca, with all the tests, the “omissions” and the “mistakes”, we can transform it all to our own benefit, but also to the benefit of mankind. And let’s not forget that the real power is not the result of competition; on the contrary, it finds the way to synchronize itself, to keep pace with others and move on in harmony. Besides, a great man is one who treasures a child’s heart.

 Everything around us is part of an evolutionary course, and we are able to create new roads and open up paths ahead, as long as we want to! Let’s focus on the positive side of things, so as to multiply it and move on to a new way of thinking. Let’s move forward, therefore, with a smile, will, optimism and modesty. If we can see behind the phenomena and the noise, we shall be able to make out a brilliant opportunity for change. But every change always starts from us. Whatever we do we can do it with joy and creativity.

And let’s not forget that the meaning of love, as it was very beautifully put by Costas Fotinos, “is to allow each other to blossom side by side and make it easier for each other.”

Inspirational quotes

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

~Albert Einstein

Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing.

~Caroline Myss

By changing nothing, nothing changes.

~Tony Robbins

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