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Galileo said that there’s nothing you can teach man. The only thing you can do is help him discover what’s inside him. This is also the way I work with people, in a supportive manner, aiming at creating space inside them, away from beliefs, prejudices, and stereotypes, and seeing their talents, discovering their strength, their inner wisdom and their abilities. What plays the leading role in all the above, however, is the real person and its actual culture, a culture of the soul, in the great school of life and life experience.

We learn to practice on what we want and what offers us joy, and not with the “musts” which are not determined by us. We practice saying “yes” when it matches our inner choice. I acknowledge the fact that you know your answers, and my role is to help you develop the necessary skills in order to reveal them! We learn to use all our senses, all six of them, our heart, our feeling, our mind, our reason in a creative composition so as to improve our lives. We learn not to compare but to broaden our consciousness. We learn to realize what makes us feel stuck and confused and what makes us feel more light and strong. And, above all, what’s most important is to function on our own strength in constant interaction and a course of mutual learning!

According to Alan Cohen, many people have an idea about how your life should be, but that does not necessarily match the vision you have for yourself. No matter how well others mean, nobody knows your heart and your destiny as good as you. Believing that you know what’s good for someone else is really selfish. When you try to play God, you overlook the fact that God is your friend. From your limited human perspective it is not possible for you to grasp all the factors that make people behave in a certain way, why and to what extent it is a choice, its relation to their life goal, what they are learning from it, where it finally leads them and how it matches the choices and the lessons of those with whom they interact. The only thing you can see is a tiny piece of a puzzle with millions of pieces. It would be arrogant and absurd to imagine that you can actually see the whole puzzle.
And I would like to add to his thoughts: let’s move on in a creative way so as to find the balance inside, aiming to approach more and more being a complete individual.

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Inspirational quotes

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

~Albert Einstein

Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing.

~Caroline Myss

By changing nothing, nothing changes.

~Tony Robbins

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