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Welcome to my website!

Let’s welcome the new year! Despite the overwhelmingly unfavorable conditions, the objective difficulties, and the big changes in which we find ourselves into –changes that take place everywhere, but more intensely in our country, changes that make us lose our compass and our courage– there are also excellent opportunities, so long as we choose to move in an optimistic and willful way! All we need to do is create them, each one of us alone and all together. How? First of all, what’s important is not to ask ourselves “if I were different what could I do”, but rather “given what I am today, what I have today, what can I do in order to be better!” Focusing, therefore, on the present and thinking that every problem has a gift to offer as well, let’s stand strong, projecting our better side.

This site does not propose specific recipes or theories; it is rather a composition of elements from the knowledge and the experience sought so far. In simple words, Its target is to help us all forget, to an extent, what we have been taught so far, in order to remember what we already know, what lies inside us. To develop, therefore, our own exceptional powers, to strengthen ourselves with modesty, to stand on our own two feet, to move on our own unique path. And the outcome? We shall follow our course with will, hopefulness, and a smile on our face, for a better world, a world which will be united by love, compassion, humanity, and in which we shall all participate in a mankind where light will prevail. It is now that this opportunity presents itself in a dynamic way! So, let’s get ready for a new beginning.

Closing this introduction, I would like to refer to the book "Tomes" by my father Christos Philippidis and specially the chapter “The world departing”:

“Let’s remember the wise Chinese verses: First there are the feigned people and I will not talk about them because they believe they’re better than the simple people. Above them there are the simple people. Above the simple people are the real people. Among the real people there are first the masters of words, but the words are empty, like a body without a soul. Above them are the masters of the thought. But the thought is vain, like a soul not incarnated. Then, even higher, are the masters of action. And action must exist, for it is what counterbalances the soul and the body. Even higher than that, there are the masters of the spirit. And the spirit rules the action, for it exists without being material. And, beyond everything, there are the people of the soul. For they have no other aim than to be simple; and because the soul dominates everything, since it is everything!
Those, the simple people of the word, the soul and action can create the forthcoming world properly.”


Inspirational quotes

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

~Albert Einstein

Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing.

~Caroline Myss

By changing nothing, nothing changes.

~Tony Robbins

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