Why We Say Yes to Coaching

What challenges are you facing? Where have you turned for solutions so far?

Coaching, with the help of powerful questions, gives us the opportunity to extract information and alternatives in order to reach conscious solutions that will allow us to develop our potential. Coaching offers hope for a new beginning, clarifying goals in a fast and practical way focusing on here and now, and having immediate results.

Everyone is unique

The first use of the word “coach”, in a similar sense to the modern one, was presented at the University of Oxford in 1830, referring to the educator who prepared students for their exams. Coaching has its roots in the Socratic method of midwifery and dialectics and operates on a practical level. By asking powerful and targeted questions, it brings knowledge and wisdom to the surface. It is a non-directive process that seeks ways in which you can support yourself and face your own challenges.

In each coaching session we define the goal in a structured way and once we understand it, we align intention with action. There is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of the session: the acceptance of individual responsibility, and the liberation of human potential. The acceptance of this individual responsibility helps you to find the solutions that suit you, thinking outside the box. The coach contributes to an investigative an internal process, digging deeper than the pace of life allows in today’s society, focusing on the present in a constructive way and offering hope for a new beginning!