By taking responsibility for ourselves, we redefine our values!

How many times and how often are we confused in life? How many times can we distinguish between what is right and what is wrong? How many times, depending on the depth that each of us has, does it take us more time to distinguish, place and solve our issues?

The most successful people in the world at all levels use what we call self-observation. That is, they observe themselves and draw valuable conclusions. But it is something that needs daily practice, just as every day we take care of the basics (getting dressed, getting ready, etc.) and this is what we need to deal with daily and integrate into our lives.

How many of us do it? Few! And yet these few are in touch with themselves and their feelings, they stay at their “center”.

Usually most of us wait for someone to “save” us and we believe that the solution will be given from outside. We get excited, we think that just like that, someone will press a button and the change will take place. But change requires a change of way of thinking. It also requires systematic work and effort, another “track” in a nutshell.

Of course, we do not mean that everyone can find their own balance on their own, statistically this is very rare, scarce, and very important. However, what we mean is that after synthesizing elements and a helping hand we can redirect our thinking and action more creatively! We also need a return to principles and values, a return to our ethos, a return to our roots!

Successes are built stone by stone, there is no magic formula! Therefore, it is more beautiful to first believe in ourselves, our capabilities, to do our review and then move on creatively. Before the review it will be useful the introspection to proceed. This is what is a moral obligation primarily to ourselves, our confession to ourselves, a return to our point of reference whatever that is for each of us. To connect the healthy aspects of the past to the now, to create a bridge connecting the two.

Especially in our time when one crisis comes after another on multiple levels, it is the least we can demand from ourselves is a requirement to focus on our state of being with great care. Changes take place from the inside out and not vice versa!

Besides, these changes are necessary, everything else is like a patch that does not last in time… It’s like making a hole in the water and thinking it’s all solved. The truth is that not only have they not been solved, but one can safely say that they are getting bigger, and we are eventually losing the essence of things!

On this planet it is very important to have material goods in order to live with dignity. In the end what remains is our inner state, through balance, serenity, and stoicism so that we can glide comfortably into the flow of life.

That’s what is really worth. So let’s be trained on it! To become a much better version of ourselves!

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