Passing through life…

Every significant change in our life demands a certain process! When we do not actually know where we are heading in life it is very important to own the power to face what will affect tomorrow. Sudden and subversive facts can lead us in a condition of shock, which make us lose everything we have. This shock can bring difficulty in our standing on our feet and acting in a creative way. Therefore, it is very important not to forget that changes demand process and do not come up on their own from one day to another!

Every person, every situation comes into our life for a certain reason, there is no accidental encounter with anything in life. Everything leads us somewhere, possibly to some loci of tomorrow, that are slowly woven, pace to pace backwards to the gears of life without our knowing.

They may be pieces of a huge puzzle, a small part of which comes to our conception as human beings. The concept of accidental does not exist in physics… everything is interconnected in this world. Nothing happens accidentally in our life. Even randomness in statistics is predictable and measurable. All the people we meet in our way have something to offer. The most challenging relationships that bring a lot of pain can be our greatest teachers, who prepare us for every difficulty of a big change and movement inwards.

Through the forging of difficulties and reversals in our life we become more conscious, not perfect but conscious, with awareness in here and now. Let us not regret for anything that happened to us, all those events have brought us to what we are today. Maybe human nature finally learns and develops through a lot of pain, not by established situations that lead us to an eventual and comfortable development in a better level.

The first and most important thing is our authenticity, being our real selves! Living joyfully, gratefully and through difficulties. After all, hope and joy are cultivated and learned through unexpected difficulties, which have something to offer us, as difficult as it may be to realize directly today. Even negative people are a big challenge and in the end they help us find ourselves, as long as we move our way of thinking towards positivity and gratefulness for everything that we have, even it is so little or minimum for some, but it is significant.

It is very beautiful to live life with spirituality. Spirituality means recognition that we all are indissolubly interconnected with a force much bigger than us… others see this force in God, others in nature, others in a pet, others in a sunset, others in music… Practicing spirituality offers us meaning, purpose and perspective in our lives.

Each and every one of us is particularly important and unique and has as a main duty to self this small internal revolution of facing existence in a creative process of awareness and authenticity.

Let us not forget that there is always light at the end of the tunnel…at the end of the day. The thicker darkness comes just before the dawn, at that moment of sunrise that will signify a new day…

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